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The Resonance

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The anticipated album by The Resonance contains 13 songs written between 2005 and 2014, summarizing Jerkers time in Sundsvall. The previous members of the live band The Resonance appear as guest musicians throghout the album. The physical version has more tracks than the digital one.

The album contains a Depeche Mode cover, the song A Question of TIme (track 10).

01 Oxytocin
02 A Side of Every Story
03 Another Time, Another Planet
04 Here She Comes
05 See You
06 These Days
07 Switchboard Witch
08 To Live and Let Die
09 Airwaves (Story 2)
10 A Question of Time
11 Told You So
12 These Days version 2
13 The Narrow Path

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Photo by Martin Gohde