11 DECEMBER 2014

The Resonance - These Days

 The Resonance - These Days

Idag släpps det nya albumet med The Resonance! Albumet kan köpas på Bengans Skivbutik i Göteborg och på RiotLab i Sundsvall, samt i vår webbshop.

Detaljer och reflektioner från bookleten:
All songs written by J. Ersare except track 10 written by Martin L. Gore (1986 Grabbing Hands Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd)
The Resonance in studio is a solo project.
Recorded and produced by J. Ersare at Pipeline and 3B.
Anything else you might want to know:
www.theresonance.se and www.soundandvision.se.
Guest appearances:
Christoffer Helmersson - Lead guitar track 1.
Teodor Bylund - Bass track 1, percussion tracks 3 and 7.
Robert Persson - Drums track 1, 3 and 7, percussion tracks 1 and 11.

Special thanks to Robert Persson and Kim-Evert Olofsson for art and production support and Jonathan Jonsson for feedback. The five people mentioned are previous members of the live band The Resonance and their spirits and styles have left their marks both in the songs that were played live - about half of the songs on this record - and in the philosophy and sound of The Resonance as a whole. Thanks to Niklas Tut Tut and the rest of Pipeline, Mikael Andersson-Knut and the rest of Sensus. Full-body photo in collage by Sara-Maria Westerlund.

"This sums up my time in Sundsvall. 2005-2014. NINE YEARS. I wrote To Live and Let Die in the fall of 2005, among thousands and thousands of other songs, when the girl of my dreams left me. This one has stuck with us ever since, we've played it at literally every concert. These Days is another such favourite, but one that is more enigmatic, it's nature is harder to capture, but the song in itself and the lyrics are probably the closest I'll ever get to put my nger on that feeling I’ve tried so many times to capture. This is very much a split-personality album with songs from dierent phases in life, some songs are extremely crass and cynical like Oxytocin and other songs are more idealistic and spiritual like The Narrow Path - but I've never seen things as black and white, I am truly grateful for my ability to look at things from dierent and sometimes contradictory viewpoints. Ok, it’s really nice to nally release this, god knows what I’ll be doing next. Anyway, take care and have fun! Love, J"

Tillbaka till nyheter
Bakgrundsfoto: Martin Gohde